In the Book of Slams, he is the head Neo Slam God of the Committee of Infinite Slam, appointed by the Original Slam Gods. Essentially the equivalent of the Bible's archangel, Michael. Pumpatron was the first Neo Slam God to execute the Giga G-Hrony Cram and was selected for his exhibited potential. Despite his various incomprehensible powers, Pumpatron is shown to be humble and slow to the use of violence. His relatively peaceful attitude occasionally gets him into arguments with the other Neo Slam Gods, as he tries to see the possible good in the Dark Slam Gods, and often tries to bring them over to the side of Righteous Slams with eloquent words before doing battle.

Ultimate Techniques

Giga G-Hrony Cram
Man of Saga
The Big Swords
Truth Whopper
Arashi no Justice
Muscle Nova
Z-Godly Hrony Blast
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