Pumpomaniac (film)

Pumpomaniac, also stylized as Pump()maniac, was a film directed by Basil Gorgeous. The film was immediately destroyed upon release.


To produce scenes of unsimulated exercise, Gorgeous announced he would have the biceps of Lesserbuilders be digitally composited onto the bodies of the film's cast — mostly bodybuilders from the League of Bodacious Bodybuilders. This was done because Dag Infinite was afraid of people stealing his techniques, despite often showcasing them in his open-air gymnasium. Dag Infinite further elaborated, believing that the film stock could be used as portals to visit Dag Infinite's filmed sessions and witness his pumping in too near a range.

In actuality, Gorgeous composited the heads of the film's feature bodybuilders onto the bodies of professional slammers in unsimulated pumping. When the rest of the league found out, they ostracized Gorgeous for his dishonesty, to which Gorgeous replied, "It's practically the same thing."

90% of the film was actually Basil Gorgeous's personal pumping video footage hastily edited together, possibly as a testament to his superior pump technique when compared to that of other league members.