Qaablin, formerly known as Qaaman, is a goblin. Charged by the High Courts of creating a trading card of the High King that was found to be too good to be played in leagues, he was sentenced to be thrown off of the High Cliffs until dead. After being tossed off the high cliffs three times, the court-appointed cliffchuckers got tired and went to the restroom to vape fairydust, leaving Qaaman broken and bleeding.

Due to his face being so smushed up and slammed in, a roaming horde of goblins mistook him for one of their own and yelled and spit at him for not roaming and also for bleeding the wrong colored blood. Scooping him up, they carried him off to Godlin. Angered by how beautiful Qaaman's cliffsmashed face was, Godlin extended both arms and shoved him onto his butt like a big bully. The touch of Godlin's bully shove changed Qaaman into a goblin forever.

Life as a goblin

Having once been a man, Qaablin possessed a far greater intellect than other goblins in his goblin hovel. Understanding his advantage, he immediately set about doing exactly what he did as a human: obsessively cataloging everything about every single goblin in the hovel. Day in and day out he'd curl up like a bingledorp and roll around the hovel, his gobbopedia tucked safely away, writing every little thing he could about every single goblin, occasionally unfurling himself to one-sidedly argue with other goblins about whether Peklo could slam Nightmare in a battle, or if WHAMESCO matches were real or scripted.

Eventually his gobbopedia got so big and heavy it crushed the supports of the goblin hovel, killing almost all of the goblins and nearly chipping one of Godlin's beautiful nails. Godlin sentenced Qaablin to be chained to his gobbopedia and shot from a cannon into the ocean. Because goblins are idiots their cannon ended up being a huge piece of shit and fired Qaablin about 3 meters away before exploding and killing the rest of the goblins from the hovel, save Godlin.

Present day

Landing and plopping into his own feardump and terrorpiss, Qaablin brushed off his filthy gobbopedia and set about rolling across G-Urth, writing long articles about anything that stopped his rolling, occasionally stopping to argue with whatever nearby object he found most intellectually stimulating.

Some fameseekers have taken it upon themselves to purposefully bump into Qaablin in order to have their lives written about in detail, only to end up engaged in an argument for several weeks that left them doubting the canonicity of their own life. It is recommended by adventurers that, should you see Qaablin rolling, never engage him.