Queen Blingu

Queen Blingu is the queen of a secluded country, Goldblumia, that actually spreads across the entire G-Urth, reaching from 6 feet under to a mile under (the Dwarves are usually a mile underneath this).

Queen Blingu's claim to fame is creating gold, whose existence spurred the development of money. Deliberately making gold shiny and rare caused denizens above her nation to quickly assign high value to the ultimately worthless mineral. In this way, she created evil in the world. And for this, she is praised in many circles of intelligentsia as a being on the level of the Neo Slam Gods.

Her kingdom facilitates the creation of gold all across the world, though part of it has changed their aim to create fool's gold instead as a big practical joke. Some natural philosophers propose it is a practical joke of a practical joke, signifying gold's ultimate worthlessness when used to construct exercise equipment.

Despite being credited with inventing gold, Blingu's personal possessions tend to be made of the least valuable minerals in the world: goblin bone and common dirt. The reasoning for this is uncertain, but it is possible that Blingu and her servants see no value in the gold they create beyond its value to control the nations of above of which she has a low opinion of anyway. Her opinion plummeted even more so after trying a hot dog from Burgburg. This actually cut off ties between the two nations.

In spite of her occupation of the underground, Blingu's palace is fitted with tanning salons. These are torture mechanisms.

She has a twin sister named Blingee, who is the Real Evil. Blingee absolutely loves gold and covers everything in Hell. Despite her personal distaste of gold, one of Blingu's descendants is the Bingle Bishop. Tragic.