Queen of K'ass-a-K'so Ko Basement

The Queen of K'ass-a-K'so Ko Basement is a Giga Megiddo Ant Queen that resides in the basement of K'ass-a-K'so Ko School. The basement itself is a endgame dungeon populated by Giga Megiddo Ants. All Giga Megiddo Ants are part demon and all antsy. The area has been compared to an Antmageddon.

The queen is over several km long, in contrast to a normal Giga Megiddo Ant's length, which is restricted to 1 km. The queen has also acquired the ability of walking on its hind legs, and uses its other limbs to punch the living Jigoku out of everything that gives it just so much as a glance. Interestingly, this rudeness has spiraled in K'ass-a-K'so Ko Giga Megiddo Ant culture: punches have become a form of general communication in the hive. In other Giga Megiddo Anthills, communication is usually done via Satanist rituals.

K'ass-a-K'so Ko School's basement was originally only a few feet high, but the ants dug out the area to encompass several skyscrapers in height. Instead of skyscrapers, though, the ants inhabit said dungeon space. The Giga Megiddo Ants of K'ass-a-K'so Ko School are considered a Final Level Blight because they have caused the near-extinction of all termites in the school.

Termites were once the mascot of the school, but this had to be changed upon their near-extinction. K'ass-a-K'so Ko reluctantly changed their mascot to the maggot, because they didn't want to be seen as losers. Biggumites are continuously burrowing up into classrooms as refuges from their fallen state. Swarms of Biggumite corpses often appear around students nowadays as well.

It is presumed that beneath the K'ass-a-K'so Ko basement, there used to live a civilization of Biggumites comparable to Burgburg. Adventurers descending in the basement have commonly come across abandoned fast food chains, such as McDongles and Wood King.

The Ant Queen has the capacity to absorb the genes of her victims. This could theoretically expand the gene pool of her spawn to create wildly different species of ants. The queen, however, is a stringent eugenicist and believes the Giga Megiddo Ant population to already be Saikyo Ant Da.