Queen of Warudo

Queen of Warudo is a self-proclaimed monarch of the world. She is about the size of a thumbtack, but is as dense as a ice giant. She reigns from her grub hole in Nebraska, Burgburg where she commands an army of a dozen goblins. Her legitimacy has been cataloged in numerous forged letters with the Neo Slam Gods. Queen of Warudo still holds considerable power despite proof of their illegitimacy. When Burgburg agents went to question the the Neo Slam Gods about the Queen's divine right, Crashcombo opened the door, a twelve-feet-long greasy slob of pizza grasped in his hand, and muttered, "Sure, why not?" before slamming the door, killing one agent. She uses the power ordained from Crashcombo, to interfere with political dealings in Burgburg's capital. Because of her persistence, she eventually became the fourth branch of Burgburg's government, with functions similar to both the judicial and executive branches.