Rääsyläinen is a goblin that resides in the Kingdom of Beggars. He is just one of the many homeless who were exiled to the lost kingdom after the Great Goblin Gatsby of 1045. Because of frequent high water emergencies, no barking is allowed on the boats to the Kingdom, as to not disturb the waves. The high tides would turn angry and sweep across the kingdom, rather than wallow around, moaning about melancholy as they usually do.

This basin of water surrounding the kingdom is very insecure, feeling that it is its own fault that the Kingdom of Beggars lost its splendor after a great flood swept the kingdom of all its people. This happened when someone complained they could not get any good fishes then spat into it. Rääsyläinen's friend, Pauhullaan, is known for his ferocious roars. To quell the water, Rääsyläinen locked Pauhullaan in a tower and guards it till this very day.