Räkivät Tribe

The Räkivät Tribe is comprised of a clan of goblins who have evolved their salivary glands to emit corrosive saliva. Their settlements are usually found along the Baltic coastline, stirring fear among sailors. The Räkivät are easily angered, but reserve their revenge to take out entire groups of humans. If one human disturbs a Räkivät, the rest of the Räkivät will watch the human and see which crew he belongs to then sabotage it. When the human and his crewmen leave the shore, their small secretions of acid will begin to tear away at the hull, causing the boat to sink a few miles from sea, leaving them helpless.

Their deviousness makes him a largely sought after group, compared to other goblins. But these goblin hunts only spur the more secretive fringes of the Räkivät to enact revenge when the human hunters leave for the Baltic.