Rage Blackout

A very angry man whose hands are twice the size of his head. He likes to scream "Geez!!" and punch his fist into his palm. With his penchant for passing out 200+ times a day due to anger, he is an inspiration to aspiring rageaholics everywhere. Rage Blackout has a brother, Powergrid Blackout, who is calmer but more evil. Powergrid likes to use his even huger hands to cover the diarrhea mouth of his brother.

Rage Blackout is a high-level employee of Jim Jinpanchi's G Corporation. He credits his position to his huge hands which allow him to slam more "Fire Missile" buttons on consoles at once. Powergrid's profession is unknown, but it is rumored that he is a Professional Burgermaster at one of Gordon Ramslay's restaurants and goes by the alias of "Powergriddle."