Ram-Ires (ラミレス), also known as Kyoryu Cyan (キョウリュウシアン, Kyōryū Shian), was chosen by the ZyuDenRyu Ankydon 500 years ago, to be the "Steel Hero" (鋼の勇者, Hagane no Yūsha). He appears in the present day in spirit form to grant the current-generation Kyoryugers the power of Ankydon.

In life, Ram-Ires partnered with Ankydon during the middle ages to face the Debo Monster Debo Viruson. Having died in battle, Ram-Ires lingered on as a spirit. In the present, Ram-Ires appeared before Torin to present the Kyoryugers with Ankydon as Debo Batissier attacked. He told them of how Ankydon was behaving strangely, and they promised to help after the Debo Monster was dealt with.

However, after Debo Batissier was destroyed, it was revealed Debo Viruson was controlling the Zyudenryu while severing Ram-Ires' bonds to it. Despite knowing he would fade, Ram-Ires was still confident with Amy Yuuzuki removing Debo Viruson from Ankydon and restoring Ram-Ires.

Entrusting Ankydon to the Kyoryugers, Ram-Ires left Land of Taiyou to find the remaining Zyudenryu yet to be found. Ram-Ires was included in Daigo's diagram of the Kyoryugers' mission, as Amy pointed out. Like the other Kyoryugers, Ram-Ires was depicted by a drawing of his helmet. Ram-Ires was summoned by Ankydon to help free Utsusemimaru from Dogold's control by merging his and Torin's brave spirits with Pteragodon's damaged Zyudenchi and Daigo fired it at Dogold, eventually freeing Utsusemimaru.

After being freed, Utsusemimaru initially distanced himself from the Kyoryugers. Looking at Utsusemimaru's act, Torin felt sad and wondered what happened to him, but Ram-Ires told him not to worry, assuring him that Utsusemimaru would finally join them eventually. Ram-Ires also told him that they must be alert for the eighth Zyudenryu, Bunpachy, which he was getting closer to finding in the coming days.

Kyoryu Cyan eventually found Bunpachy at the Mannen Falls in China, and met with the Zyudenryu's partner, Tessai (Kyoryu Gray), who he referred to as "Mr. Gray." Sensing the return of Debo Nagareboshi, Tessai decided to head to the Golden Land and have the Kyoryugers prove themselves before he entrusted Bunpachy to them. Ram-Ires asked him if he was sure about it and if there was a gentler way to handle them than what he had in store, but Kyoryu Gray said there was no other way, as he was a remarkably hard-headed individual.

Ram-Ires later witnessed the awakening of Bunpachy at Mannen Falls, pleased to see the Zyudenryu joining the Kyoryugers. After the Kyoryugers defeated Debo Nagareboshi with their new Kyoryuzin Kung-Fu formation, a combination of Gabutyra, Ankydon, and Bunpachy, he met with Tessai again, welcoming him back and noting that only two of the Ten Great Zyudenryu were left. Tessai revealed that Plezuon would be returning soon, and that the real problem was Bragigas. Ram-Ires joined Tessai, assuming their spirit forms and taking off to find him.

With his search taking him to Belgium, Ram-Ires briefly returned to the Spirit Base on Tanabata with a little souvenir, a box of Belgian ice cream which he gave to the Kyoryugers before taking his leave. Unfortanutely, unbeknownst to Ram-Ires, Utsusemimaru's Tanabata wish was to eat a mountain of ice candy, weakening him as he unknowingly made the wish on a piece of paper from the body of Debo Tanabanta.

Ram-Ires appeared along with Tessai in an attempet to save Torin but sadly they arrived to late He explained to the Kyoryuger that the stones like the one Daigo has are the key to Revive Torin and Bragigas. Ram-Ires Tessai and Yayori stayed to fight the Deboss armada while the Kyoryuger headed to the Spirit Base to revive Torin. Ram-Ires showed great Strenght and said Even if we are spirits when we hit you it will Hurt He and Tessai then Transformed and Yayori accidentely joined in with their Spirit Ranger Roll Call. The deboss army managed to out number the Extra Heroes and they were almost Beaten but they were saved bye Daigo and a Newly revived Torin and the worked together to defeat the Zormin Armada while Daigo thought Endolf.

As Ram-Ires is a Spirit, he doesn't have a Gaburevolver to transform; instead, he directly uses the Brave in his Zyudenchi to transform. After activating his Zyudenchi, Ram-Ires raises the it above his head and announces “Spirit Ranger, Fire!” (スピリットレンジャー、ファイヤー!, Supiritto Renjā, Faiyā!). The Battery fires a Brave construct of Ankydon's head, flies around Ram-Ires and then goes behind him, “biting” down to create the suit and outer part of the helmet. The helmet then bites down to complete itself after the suit slims Ram-Ires down a bit.