Ram Schneider
Ram Schneider
Birthday February 29, 55 years old
Blood Type G
Height 165cm
Weight 90kg
Prefer Japanese dried radish
Dislike Snake

His regular job is explorer, so he explored the sky, the seas, and the forests from a young age. This time, he was on an expedition into uninhabited island, which turned out to be the entrance of a secret base. He wandared around and got captured by a soldier. He turned out to be the pilot of a Type-A fighter called "Sky Mirage" only because he said he had flown an airplane.

A retired soldier of the government troop. At the war 30 years ago, he flown a propeller airfighter with complete control, and made a heroic effort where he got the name "Flying Shark".

His hobby is treasure hunting (Exploring is a job). He has a habit of nodding the head and mumbling "Wm-hm".