A half-ape, half-crab creature (it looks like an ape that is wearing a huge crab exoskeleton, FYI) that clambers onto unwitting persons and rams them into oblivion. It can be found in tropical habitats, and has a bad temper that only gets worse if the victim does not let the Ramklambler ram them.

The Ramklambler is one of the few non-human animals that possesses the ultra-stupid intelligence to separate into groups for the purpose of turf wars. Wars are mostly a matter of a given group defecating heaps of banana dumps and then ramming these heaps onto the zone and bodies of another group with maximum rudeness.

Natural philosophers with the courage to examine these odious creatures have noted that there are four main groups, these being the Bumbtawblurrs, the Raskmaroundundos, the Hoobootambibilos, and the Guhngomaghoobers (often, these are shortened to B/R/H/G).