Rammer's Rift

The Rammer's Rift was a MOBA (Massive Oscillating Boom Arena) sponsored by several nations to solve political disputes. Such disputes included tariffs on barbells, import of dumbbells, and extortion of crambells. Realizing that a constant war was inconceivably maintainable as everyone would die, Slamerican goblin think-tank, Harold and Holmes, proposed that nations employ skeletons in cosplay to wage battles for such low-priority issues and reserve Real Issues for Real Wars such as the SRC. Skeletons were low-maintenance, immoral, and held the perfect toxic community to ensure constant warfare. During this time, skeleton society was rife with territorial issues as cemeteries were getting incredibly cramped.

To entice the skeletons further, each was given real human skin cosplay. Upon seeing skeletons in skin, skeletons have a natural tendency to want to rip the other out of said skin. Skeletons in cosplay also hold significant cultural influence, as nations dressed their skeletons in the cloned skins of their legendary heroes. Some heroes were even taken directly from anime. On a tangent: this began the huge skin stealing industry in Drakonstrana, as there was an excess of humans the dragons could skin at the time.

The nations formed the Rammer's Ram Rings (RAMRAM-R) to house the intense bone bumbling. These Ram Rings usually bulldozed numerous cemeteries, so that the nations could employ the now displaced and homeless skeletons into the Rammer's Rift. To distract skeletons from the truth that the nations were being huge pieces of kuso, nations bribed the skeletons with numerous tax cuts and milk if they participated in one of the 100,000 RAMRAM-Rs.

Finally, skeletons were given their own handful of manons, little men specifically designed to be murdered. With everything in place, the nations held the first Rammer's Rift in the Iron Month of the Sixth Day of Arnold's Festival. The skeletons immediately jumped over the RAMRAM-R's fences and went off to slay their human oppressors. Only 50 billion humans died, but Anime Skeleton used the instability to create his own skeleton empire now known as Land of Taiyou.

List of Nations That Were Massive Pieces of Trash

  1. Burgburg
  2. Grosstodeswald
  3. Martinettio
  4. Ohio
  5. Labyrinthine Kingdom of Goblins
  6. Lord King God University
  7. Satan City
  8. Scrubville

Ultimately, it was a huge waste of time.