Ramming Rains

A large man with about 900 inches of greased black hair. He was heavily pushed to become the icon of WHAMESCO after the death of Nightmare. This was not to be the case, because he was a can of World's Most Boring Horseshit. Despite WHAMESCO creative team's best efforts, Ramming Rains would later be exiled into a stone tomb located 900 km beneath the G-Urth, because he violated the Swellness Policy. He was convicted of becoming suspiciously too swole, and an investigation found him guilty of padding his muscles with several layers of pillows.

Ramming Rains's career is most significantly marked by his concise promos, "I'M GUY.", punching the floor when very angry, and accidentally ramming into outside of the ring. His short championship run has a record of 90,000,000 casualties due to his ramming accidents.