Ramribbar is a island off the coast of Ramzania. A giant earthquake separated Ramribbar from the continent after their citizens, the Shin Rammers, rammed too hard. Ramribbar is distinct for being a country of Rammers, in contrast to the hegemony of Slammers elsewhere. Their ramming abilities are on the level of the best slammers, so religious tensions have been dissuaded by their sheer ramming might. Some historians consider Ramribbar to actually be the ironic birthplace of Slam, denoting its original name of Slam Slam SLAM.

Ramribbar is the home of the mythical queen, Slamsaba, whose campaigns led to the indoctrination of eating a raw egg every morning for muscle-up in most cultures. Ignoring the lack of religious warfare, Ramribbar does have a history of bodybuilding rivalry with Certain Country.

Ramribbar is also the site of the world's only completely stone city, Stone City, whose inhabitants are also all made of stone. Natural philosophers believe that Stone City has existed forever and is one of the contested spots for the cradle of civilization, other places include: the world's first toilet.

There was another prominent city in Ramribbar, Rib City, but it has since deteriorated upon its founder discovering that you cannot create women from ribs.