Ramrod pioneered the technique of slamming in a way that alternates between thrusting with one's groin (naturally) and ramming at a downward angle with one's head at hypersonic speeds. Ramrod was especially fit to do this because of his unique head shape: his forehead slopes forward at a forty-five-degree angle and is a foot long. The Book of Slams says that Ramrod has the heaviest bones of the Neo Slam Gods, making him most capable in using his head as a weapon.

For a short while, Ramrod was obsessed with building colossal, piston-like mechanisms out of black diamonds and strapping these to his body. However, once he had accomplished this (having built thirty of them), Ramrod could not figure out how to make the machines stop pistoning after they'd started, and the other Neo Slam Gods had to slam the crazed, untiring pistons to bits to rescue Ramrod. This was a valuable lesson in learning to trust the Slam and shunning the inhumane chaos of substitutes.

Ramrod's hobby is fine-tuning a black Dodge Charger RT, which he has named Long Slam of the Soul. While he does not drive the car, claiming that this would damage his modifications, he will let those interested sit inside of it after covering their bodies in protective plastic.

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