Rango Ruckus

An athlete who came to fame by setting a number of physically intensive world records while keeping every part of her body static.

Pole Vaulting

Rango set the record for the 20 foot milestone by clearing the bar by 201,667 meters. Her motionless body was seen blasting towards the sun, pole in hands, at the speed of a thousand lords. A second later, she reappeared on the other side of the bar on the mat. Another second later, audiences were stunned by several dozen overlapping sonic booms.

Long Jump

Rango was awarded the gold medal for the long jump, easily clearing the sand pit and phasing past the stadium walls. She stopped "moving" at 2,340.6 feet. High-detail, slow-motion video proved that Rango had truly jumped, but in the unprecedented manner of propelling her body forward while keeping both of her feet 0.0068 millimeters off of the ground for the entire stretch.