Rat Emperor Ralfthussus

Rat Emperor Ralfthussus is a top criminal in United Fiefdom. Loving rats, he uses the logic that murdering people will cause rats to swarm around the location of the killing, increasing the chance of people to be infected with the Rat Cold, which in turn will cause more chaos in the streets, allowing more people to be killed. No one is really sure how Ralfthussus came up with this leap of logic. Despite all reasoning, Ralfthussus employs a fairly large swam of rats. He dares not compare it with Nightmare.

King Vermin is not very fond of Ralfthussus and forbids the trade of Mega Demon cheese to rats under Ralfthussus's liege. This has caused leadership to dwindle over the past few years, much to Ralfthussus's chagrin.