Red Wetting

The Red Wetting was a massacre during the Egalitarian Slamathon arranged by Maximal Letters after his defeat at the hands of Nightmare during MuscleMania XV. Maximal Letters invited Nightmare and Peklo to his wedding with the Wrasslehon Siblings, Fulcrum and Magmalava. The plan was that while Maximal Letters, Fulcrum Wrasslehon, Magmalava Wrasslehon, Bumrum Wrasslehon, and Pingas Wrasslehon moved to a separate part of the arena to consummate their marriage, THE UNDERSHAKER's troop of gravediggers would block the main hall and assassinate the Aniki Duo (Nightmare and Peklo) with the assistance of the wrestling stable, Noitulove. For foreshadowing, Maximal Letters demanded a specific dress code of pure whites, the color of death in the Land of Taiyou. Unfortunately for Maximal Letters, right as the ceremony began, the guests' clothing became drenched in a heavy odorous red as Nightmare walked into the hall.

In a split second, Nightmare apparently dispatched all gravediggers and assassins from the marriage ceremony, leaving no trace save for the deep red that ruined everyone's clothing.

Maximal Letters personally apologized to the guests the night after and paid over one trillion bingles in loincloth damage. One guest was actually enamored by their now 500 kg soaked dress. It was determined he was secretly a Dracula and he was shortly thoroughly executed after in the Wrasslehon's family washing machine, submerged in the filth of garlic-stained wrestling tights.

A gravedigger's pet dodo bord was lost in the bloodsheed.