Risuki Sumeru

Risuki Sumeru (J.R Smooth Junior Fatsu Suki Risuki Risu-Ki Risuki Phatu the Sultan) is a fabled Dark Wrestler who mastered the technique of the Stink Face, wherein the wrestler takes advantage of his opponent being in the corner by unleashing a big butt blaster on their face/rubbing their buttocks on the opponent's face. This was done to humiliate the enemy, and was much more effective in destroying their soul than other known wrestling techniques.

Risuki Sumeru is the only recorded wrestler known to have mastered the Stink Face, and used it to gain an enormous upper hand in WHAMESCO feuds. The Stink Face was even capable of defeating Terry Boulder in one butt rub. The Ultimate Warrior allegedly refused to be matched against Risuki Sumeru, afraid that it would damage his winning streak (which he never had in the first place). So powerful was this technique that WHAMESCO eventually banned the move, and tried to wipe Risuki Sumeru out of existence. Higher-ups in WHAMESCO believed Risuki Sumeru to be a legitimate threat, and when planning the infamous WHAMESCO Brawl For All, they pushed forward a plan to be rid of Risuki Sumeru so that he would not murder everyone (they had not accounted for Nightmare's Murder Mastery).

Smear campaigns began to proclaim that Risuki Sumeru's Stink Face was actually appropriated from the Dark Slam Gods' arsenal of TerrorTechniques (TTs). However, as news circuits began to unravel Risuki Sumeru's history, actual evidence linked Risuki Sumeru with the Dark Slam Gods, Damndeeder in particular. Upon hearing of these suspicions, Risuki Sumeru fled on horse to the abode of darkness, Bastion Of Final Hell and was never seen again.