Rock Nullgut

A bodybuilder from the fabled land of whamburgers and clenchfries, Slamerica, Rock Nullgut exudes a unique competitive, D.I.Y. spirit that has secured him a devoted fanbase of muscleheads. Rock's mantra for the SSS tier bodybuilding scene is, "If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere, unless you're a piece of sh#%, in which case don't even try, you %@#$%. Also, %@#$%@#$."

Rock Nullgut's earliest innovation was pumping up so hard and so huge that muscle mags had to redesign paper technology to allow their centerfolds to fit photos of his bod. Part of his pump-up regimen included hoisting and lowering a 45000' x 75000' Slamerican flag made of giga-cloth (cloth five trillion times denser than regular cloth) for 48 hours straight, and doing 5,000 pushups with an F-16 on his back.

Rock's theme, blasted upon his appearance at bodybuilding events through a conglomeration of three million cell phones, is The Star-Spangled Bonner (DJ Donkey's Dubstep Remix).

It is said that Rock's true form is that of a horrendous golem.