Rock Shell Chamberlain Dord

A monster created by the Dark Slam Gods. He was the captain of Dazzle's Bodyguards, a group of elite monsters dedicated to making and bringing Shadowslam coffee. Dord looked after Dazzle's head when he was blown to pieces after roasting coffee beans for too long, and remained his loyal servant until Dazzle returned in his new form: a small spark of light that could fly and not talk. Dord was killed alongside Dazzle by Thrusticle's Ump-a-Pump Magniloquent Groögerkramm. His head, which resembles an ammonite fossil, was kept by Thrusticle as a souvenir of the battle.

Dord may have been related to B'orb.


  • Waddle
  • Fast Waddle
  • Shokku
  • Malevolent Chortle