Room of Dragon Decapitation

A room wherein dragons are decapitated. It is located in the United Fiefdom.

Deadly Function

Contrary to popular belief, a dragon barely fits in the tiny, claustrophobic (for the dragon) chamber. In the middle ages, the room was famous for being a training ground for knights: two knights were placed on either side of a humongous dragon and attempted to decapitate the dragon with chains. The dragon was usually a criminal offender, often arrested for jaywalking or sticking his bubblegum onto a historical building. No one cared because most humans hate dragons and would be delighted to see them die for such small offences. The government of The Land of Dragons, however, protested, as the dragon was a revered creature to them. Still, no one cared.

Associated Greats

The most famous knight to use this room was Turdis, who himself was almost as large as a dragon and took such beasts on without a partner. His famous technique, Hell Heaven Snake Kill, saw him wrap the chain around the dragon's neck and decapitate it, or sometimes rip the entire dragon in half. Turdis killed approximately a lot of dragons this way. He is credited with driving the dragon race to near extinction.

After not finding any more dragons to kill, Turdis' bloodlust grew. He traveled the land and found the strongest looking human being, Badder Tumblegood; he then challenged him to a Chain Neck Deathmatch. For this, Turdis redesigned the room to make it so that he and Tumblegood wore a metal collar each that was connected by chains to a mechanism in the ceiling. The only way to escape was decapitation. Tumblegood was still really mad from losing his dog, Danny, so he instantly demolished Turdis. Thus, were millions of dragons inadvertently avenged.


The room has been in disuse since because all the dragons were killed.