Ruhe von Frieden

Ruhe von Frieden is the only peace activist in all of G-Urth. She advocates for peace attained through eternal war with the logic being that if war is the default, then war becomes peace. Ruhe von Frieden is fond of collecting Hi-NRG records, specifically those from the year of 1984. Ruhe von Frieden is also friends with Ignoramus Tough and Jiyu no Drudgery. They operate the Bureau of Eagle in Fat Nation. They are the only three employees of the bureau and are tasked with creating and plastering propaganda posters all over the facades of Fat buildings. Because of the sheer volume of work, they have all acquired the ability to eject ink from their tongues like pens. The sheer precision and speed of their tongues is legendary even in this culinary (and kissing) capital of G-Urth. Despite this, Ruhe and friends presumably remain partner-less, because everyone else is too busy taking down their posters.

Or could there be a love triangle? Probably not.

Ruhe von Frieden sleeps on a tower of tombstones.