Rumple Beaumont

Rumple Beaumont was a Level 100 Knight (in LARP) who advocated racism towards Draculas. He led the ten-year campaign of filling Dracula Holes, and was so essential an advocate that the entire movement died with his passing. A Slam extremist and kleptomaniac, Rumple Beaumont aggressively snuffed out candles within a five-feet radius to steal the souls of the dead. Some historians trace this to an incredible fear he developed when Juts Beaumont tipped over a candle at their household and started a Megafire, killing six of their parents, including Simon Goblin, for which Rumple never forgave Juts. They were estranged for 75% of Rumple's life.

Rumple Beaumont was also known for his distinctive posture. Through his brand of coolness, he inspired a generation of kids to develop back problems, including Homey Z. He also wielded a whip made out of goblin leather known as the Killer Killer. Seeing as how backstabs are impossible with whips, however, this article was mostly cosmetic.

Myopic to a fault, Rumple's extreme ideology later led to actual vision problems. When trying to fill up one Dracula Hole, he failed to notice Brandy Brendo and his deadly lard-boot.