Satan Stuck on Throne

The Satan Stuck on Throne is a specific Satan confined to a throne surrounded by hellfire, presumably in Hell. He just wants to get off, but he doesn't wanna get burned. It's unknown how he got himself into the predicament, but most biologists agree that he should be left alone because of his economic value — that, and he's probably steamed from sitting on his ass for so long. Still, others question if he's a threat at all, since he doesn't just jump out of the chair.

It's been said that every demon, devil, and Satan is impervious to molten lava, so this particular Satan could very well be an lazy asshole. Some romancers of violence want to see the throne bombed so that they can morbidly watch the Satan fall into lava and perhaps get a bad rash from all of it.

Satan Stuck on Throne is a popular subject on both the Universal Ethnographic Channel and ASMR channels on YouTube.