In the ruins of Old Finland lingers a swirling storm of megaviolence, the Schwarzeneggerwelt. Rich in black and white thunder, the vortex of vehemence has lasted infinite-googol centuries and will continue twenty-times that into the future. It is presumably a dimension of demons, much like our own. Bewilderingly, it harbors no humans, and as such must not be very important. For this reason, it is left alone.

It has been discovered that once a human acknowledges its existence, the Schwarzeneggerwelt will grow at the frightening pace of one square nanometer per century. For these reasons, you should leave this article and stop thinking about it, lest this world be engulfed in demonic triviality.


The Schwarzeneggerwelt was a vanity project founded by Arnold Schwarzenegger after witnessing the misdeeds of humans in another dimension. Unfortunately, most of Schwarzeneggerwelt's attractions fail to garner attention as humans of this dimension have failed to sin so horribly as the other humans. For example, G-Urth has yet to invent sustainable capitalism, a state of not-war, red light bulbs, and so forth.

Hot Tourist Spots

Snow in Jamaica: The Battlefield

Adventurers will find themselves at home in this battlefield stretched over acres of icy caverns. Enjoy sorrel from the local restaurants that dot the war-torn landscape. Rumors speak of a man, possibly the Disco Rebel, who is chasing the devil in an iron shirt. This place is said to be born from the bad vibes people have for each other.

Man Cave of Vast, The Bear Rug Emporium

Avoid at all costs. Born from the lust of nerds, it is decorated in alarming anime paraphernalia. Not much else is known. Even scientists (most of them nerds) were swayed to not adventure deeper. Home to the demon known only as Big Manchild Rich Boy.

Big Savings Shopping Dungeon


Alleged photograph of the Blackened Bing.

A ten thousand floored shopping complex akin to Giga Macho video stores! This peculiar place houses a multitude of demonic merchants, mannequins (humans with no cognitive function and who cannot work out), and monuments to Gold GT. Its discovery led to the invention of the shopping mall in Burgburg, but it was quickly abandoned in a decade when people realized that cramped public places are hellscapes. Most Burgburgers now do their shopping on through Cross-regional Universal Flexing, coercing others to give up their possessions by flexing threateningly. This Shopping Dungeon appears to share the same fate as its ill-conceived progeny.


A huge garbage dump. If I was garbage, I'd call this my home, but I'm not!! And it's not your home either! Don't demean yourself!!!

Level 99 Future

A replica of G-Urth after it is destroyed by Schwarzeneggerwelt. There is uncertainty over how it can fit on G-Urth. It looks about the same.

Blackened Bing

A recreation of the Schwarzeneggerwelt's original state. It is a small black room, unfurnished save for a single statue of a flexing, smirking, and ULTRA-menacing Arnold Schwarzenegger.

B-Boy's Dirty Room

A room representing the chaos of humans. It is a filthy person's apartment. There even are pots and pans on the floor. In one corner is a lonely pizza box. Possibly a recreation of the Cradle of Cram after Crashcombo's first pizza.

G-Urth Begins

An illusion of G-Urth in its babby state. It is a thunderous, bulging mass of muscles and tendons. Violent storms rage in the background.

Epicenter of the Humanity

A small dug up kiln of ash and bones. In the center are a few dozen greased humans in barbarian cosplay whose daily schedule consists of reciting prayers to Crom, working out, or being a spotter to another human working out. In the center of this epicenter is a bonfire kept lit by the oily fumes emitted by the humans. It is the only human-inhabited place in Schwarzeneggerwelt and very important. Unknown if it actually exists.