Screaming Piss Lizard

Commonly mistaken for an illegal frog or toad, the screaming piss lizard is unique among the animal kingdom for maintaining an uneasy alliance between itself and the honking horny devils of the sky, geese. In exchange for the geese carrying the lizards around for the sake of expedient travel, the lizards have agreed to not blast their shit where the geese blast their shit. Screaming piss lizards can be regularly found dropping from the sky in the highlands, and have also recently moved into urban areas, nesting atop lintels and rudely hopping, ass- or belcher-first, into the faces of any passersby.

Diplo once tried to avoid them on his walk to a mountain cave, but, as if to prove a point no one can discern, after failing to not be hop-harassed by their hides five-hundred times in a row has refused to not be hit by even a single one.