Also known as Scrubadub Berg, also known as Bath Town. Everyone is hideously dirty and almost dead because most of the water gets pumped into a 50 km wide bathtub exclusively used by the mayor. What they don't know is that the mayor drowned in that tub while eating a turkey leg decades ago. The myth of the mayor's continued existence is propagated by a big bad bubba known as Boogal. Boogal hates being dirty and bathes frequently, to the point where he has more than eight baths per day. One time, some villagers who had caught onto Boogal's lies attempted to kill him, but were destroyed immediately by Boogal's Rumble Kaiser Fist.

Boogal has a legion of gross supporters whose most notable accomplishment is the construction of a combat mech known as XA-BOOGAL, which is capable of firing ICBMs (intercontinental bathing missiles). The mech's purpose remains unknown.

Scrubville's inhabitants pray for the day when Boogal's body will be exploded by a hero.