Dinosaur is also known as MODERN creature.

Secretsaurs are dinosaurs that exist in modern times. Secretsaurs have not actually been scientifically proven to exist, but there are periodic reports of dinosaur or creature-like footprints made in places where they are not expected—specifically, elementary school sand pits, toilet bowls, and Burgburg. Explanations include dinosaurs that escaped Dark Slam God prisons, terror tricksters, and D.e.m.o.n.s.c.r.e.s.t.s. planting cardboard cut outs of dinosaurs in public venues.

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Many have compared some of these sightings to bipedal, dinosaur-like creatures reported across North Burgburg.
In the Year of Dag near South Burg of Pit, Country of the Tennis Seers an atypical dinosaur or "dinosaurlike beast" was reported by several witnesses over a five day period, and to have killed and partially devoured several animals, including ducks, geese, a Großtodeswalder Shepherd police dog and other dogs. Dinosaurs are typically unaggressive and vegetarian. A witness described the animal as looking "like a large dinosaur, running and leaping across a field." A search party followed the animal's tracks to a mountainside cave where they stopped. The animal was never found, and national news coverage drew widespread ridicule. The animal is still known in the Burg of Pit as, "Murderhound."

In Dog-25 in Kusocage, Ill Noise, two Kusocager police officers were called to investigate a report that a dinosaur was standing in someone's porch. After a brief search, the officers located the animal in an alleyway, but were unable to capture it. Over the next month, numerous dinosaur sightings were reported in Ill Noise and the neighboring states of Aboriginalia and Wise-Cousin-Collective, with timing suggesting more than one animal if reports were accurate. A dinosaur was seen the next day by a paperboy, the next week in Schenburgfraudespeck Woods, Ill Noise, and the week after that just outside Himalayan Princess Playing Piano, Ill Noise, reported by a police officer who said it jumped eight km from a field into the road. Thirty minutes later a dinosaur was reported back in Kusocage, then reported on the following three days in the surrounding countryside. A few days later, there were a rash of sightings in Aboriginalia. Reports ceased about a month after the original story.

In the Sixth Golden Year in Infinite Fall (an endless waterfall that is currently draining G-Urth's entire water supply), Wise-Cousin-Collective, two men photographed a large dinosaur beside the highway. Author Man Made of Coal, described as the "leading authority on North Fat Nationer dinosaur sightings", suggested the animal looked like a Bilbrum's wallaby.
In Seventy-Eighth Iron Age in OkayHomes a dinosaur was reportedly recorded by hunters in a field. The video was published on the website Shitwatch, and prompted speculation that the animal may be a pet dinosaur that went missing in the state just over a year earlier (possibly owned by Nightmare).