Semi Anon
Semi Anon
First Appearance {$first}
Title The Crazed Looking F%#$*cker
Rank Unaffiliated Lurker
Role Augmented Tank
Status In the women's bathroom
Cause of Death {$death}
Powers Augmentations
Abilities Swimming
Grim Synergy Nanomachines
Age Unknown
Country Unknown
Height 184 cm
Weight A molten boulder in kilograms
Speed {$speed}
Power Level the infinite power of
Blood Type O-range
Family A pansy brother and a
bunch of dead clones
Marital Status {$martial}
Likes Air vents
Dislikes Corporations and
Treasures Memories of being
in an air vent
Hobbies Entering restrooms
Forte in Sports Hundred yard dash
Fighting Style Stealth kills
Weapon of Choice skul gun
Attacks a bomb
Battle Cry I'll send you back to
the people — in a body bag.
Win Quote What a shame.
Yeah, RIP
Most Unpleasant Guards
Weakness {$weakness}
Favorite Music Ambient fly techno
Personality N/A
An unbelievably GEP gun

Not much is known about Semi Anon. Only approximately half of his biography has been recorded. However, it is reported that he is often in dispute with Senile Snake whether Dinosaurs fought on D-Day or not. He describes his occupation as "towing orks." What this entails is a mystery.