Senile Snake
First Appearance {$first}
Title Big Boss
Rank Staffer
Role Fighter
Status A catch wrestler on the outskirts
of the Chapel's ruins
Cause of Death {$death}
Powers {$powers}
Abilities {$abilities}
Grim Synergy Summon and ride Metal Gear
Age 54
Country Großtodeswald, the Land of
Sausages and Beer
Height 185 cm
Weight 90 kg
Speed Speed of Sound
Power Level Crush 40000000000000000
Blood Type AB
Family None
Marital Status {$martial}
Likes Espionage
Dislikes Art games
Treasures His Großtodeswalder blood.
Hobbies Playing video games,
Favorite Food Pineapple Juice
Forte in Sports He's good at everything
Fighting Style CQC
Weapon of Choice {$weapon}
Attacks Sonic Knuckle
Battle Cry {$battlecry}
Win Quote {$swagger}
Most Unpleasant RAW and ADLUT
Weakness {$weakness}
Favorite Music Crush 40 Crush
40 Crush 40 Crush 40 Crush
40 Crush 40

Echidna Tribe Battle hymn
(Unknown from ME)
Personality {$personality}
An unbelievably Großtodeswalder

In loving memory, like cloud and his buster sword.

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He is currently in pursuit of inner peace and infinite wisdom, and has detached himself from the Chapel and its wake. However necessary this may seem to him, he is torn over parting from his companions in combat, and plans to return when he feels ready. He regularly studies the teachings of the Slam and trains in order to "stay knuckled up" and return as a worthy ally.