Sever Service X-Slams

The Sever Service X-Slams (S3X) are a civil service extermination system in the Land of Dragons and used to populate its bureaucracy with only the most hugely fore-armed of beings. The X-Slams (exams) are based on over twelve trillion different literary classics and poems, forcing X-Slam takers to become cultural generalists who can recite over a septillion phrases and techniques.

Starting with the Strong Dynasty, the S3X was made mandatory for scholars to become government officials, causing the majority of them to be over the age of seven-thousand years. As dynasties passed, the average increased. As of now, the average scholar is several million years old.

The exam is divided into several different tiers, numbering over 999,999. Scholars are advised to take several tests consecutively; however, if one fails enough tests in a row, one has to restore one's energy by resting for fifteen years, or pay for energy. Here is a list of several exams:

  • Babby kaoshi: most commonly taken by young intellectuals. It is the entry level test, and is a series of ten tests. By the time a scholar has finished taking all ten tests, they will be ten years older.
  • Jiang kaoshi: only accessible if you are already dead
  • Dairen kaoshi: allows access to the state's most powerful proteins.


The exams test scholars on their proficiency in the Six Arts:

  1. FIGHT (戰)
  2. REAL (實)
  3. ATTACK (攻)
  4. HUO OH (火)
  5. POWER (勢)
  6. POWER (力)

Degree Types

  • Rattlesheng: entry-level examinees who are required to carry a rattle until they pass a higher-level exam
  • Xiuceps: distinguished biceps
  • Jishi: scholar who especially specializes in muscles

Examination Procedures

Examinations last between several months to several years, wherein scholars are tossed into isolated examination rooms. Sometimes, however, the rooms will be filled with Enemies, forcing scholars to fight and write at the same time (虛實). The rooms contain two wooden sticks that can form a bed, desk, or chair. During evaluation, students are wrapped in black silk while answers are judged so that the judges can be objective. Candidates' handwriting is also traced over a thousand times to make it unrecognizable.

Generally, scholars are required to recite or write down the entirety of Dragonese literature, requiring a strong arm. It is also common for scholars to be tested on how well they can create replicas of Transformers. For losers, free amputation is offered at the exit. Decapitation costs a few taels.