Sexton Hard Castle

A castle located on the shore of Mashchester, Sexton Hard Castle is an impregnable castle. This is theoretically because the castle is a top and does not have the necessary organs to reproduce. As its eponymous name implies, Sexton Hard Castle is considered hard, and one of the most defensive fortresses in the world. This is because the architect of the castle focused on the motto: "The best defense is a good offense!" The castle is constantly attacking, with each brick having a spring-loaded spear.

Several murder holes are located throughout the ceilings, where giant iron balls constantly drop. This feature is frequently criticized, because the murder holes are also located deep within the castle interior, often crushing guards employed within the castle. One such murder hole, located above the guard barracks had to be closed off very recently because an iron ball fell on a dozen beds then rolled into the kitchen, crushing the local lord's foie gras dinner that was in preparation.

The castle also regularly participates on WHAMESCO SmackUp! Live! It is currently allied with Monastery and holds the Tag Team Castle Championship Belt.