Shadow Dwarves

A people living underneath Old Finland's ice. While they are often called the Nameless Shadow Dwarves, the reasoning for the "nameless" descriptor is shrouded in as much darkness as the Shadow Dwarves themselves. Many people believe that they are nameless because no one knows their names, but it has been argued that this is because the Shadow Dwarves have simply not told anyone yet. Adding to this argument is the complete lack of recorded human contact with and observance of the Shadow Dwarves, a fact that has shed the light of skepticism on the assertion that the Shadow Dwarves indeed exist at all.

The scientific community generally agrees that the Shadow Dwarves' total number is no more than seven. They have been codenamed Huckepack, Axlerod, Biddy, Glick, Purzelbaum, Bonnerface, and Rumpelbold.