Shebabepa is the leader of Bibble, a conclave in Aframa comprised of remnant rammers of the SRC. Shebabepa is known for bringing along three million consorts everywhere she goes. These consorts are collectively known as the Meat Shield. They are not particularly effective, considering they are rammers, and as such, tend to ram more than block attacks. Still, numbering in three million, the sheer force generated from rammer ramming rammer ramming rammer is enough to repel any attack or non-attack for that matter. Shebabepa is constantly at war with all states of the world.

The location of the conclave itself is under constant investigation. Most explorers simply cannot trudge through the barrage of rammers to accurately measure the conclave seeing as they get beat up before they can reach the center.

To be honest, no one even knows what Shebabepa looks like at this point either. Most statements from her are passed through a courier being rammed out of the Meat Shield; this usually takes several years. And only from these bloodied corpses (scientists reckon that upon being beat to a pulp, bodies undergo the process of preservation by tricking the cells into thinking they don't need to do anything because they are already being beat the heck up) are Shebabepa's statements.

Because of the period of time it takes Shebabepa's statements to be released, there is a large gambling fad in the Goddom of the Axe. The participants bet on the year that a letter released on the day of the betting will be procured by the outside. There have been several legal disputes after several letters only arrived after the death of at least three generations of a winning better's family.