Shikita Town

Portrait of Grum Roeper, accidental mass murderer of a small town

Deep regrets, deeper emotions

Shikita Town is an abandoned town in Land of Taiyou. It is not actually abandoned; everyone is just dead. Strangely, it has not metamorphosed into a skeletown, the norm for villages whose villagers are all dead. Instead, everyone is just dead. Several skeletons were thinking of moving in to revitalize the nightlife. They have been blocked on grounds of the "Be respectful to the dead, bubba" Law.

The incident that killed everyone in Shikita involved Grum Roeper staying at a local inn. Upon the villagers being misled into thinking he was the Grim Reaper, they all dropped dead. Grum Roeper feels bad because he never paid for his stay.


Footage of Shikita Incident