Shin Sorrow
Shin Sorrow
First Appearance {$first}
Title Sorceror of Sorrow and Horror:
Rank {$rank}
Role {$role}
Status Sad, Dead
Cause of Death {$death}
Powers Leaving forever and then coming back
Abilities Out-of-sync headbanging/spinning
Grim Synergy {$grimsyn}
Age {$age}
Country The Frozen Wasteland in
the Northern Finlands:
Height {$height}
Weight {$weight}
Speed {$speed}
Power Level {$level}
Blood Type None
Family {$family}
Marital Status Single
Likes {$likes}
Dislikes {$dislikes}
Treasures {$treasures}
Hobbies {$hobbies}
Favorite Food {$food}
Forte in Sports Carcore,
Fighting Style {$style}
Weapon of Choice {$weapon}
Attacks The Black Majestic Growl
666 Satanic Strings
4 Satanic Strings
The Infernal Hammer of Doom
Noble Musical Variation
Scorched Earth of Solemnity
Distortion of Chilling Blackness
Arabesque Cannon
Symphonic Poem of the Satin Satan
Rhapsody of Fighting Spirit
Rhapsody of Indigo Sorrow
Spell of Sorrow
Battle Cry "Now you will know TRUE Sorrow!!"
Win Quote {$swagger}
Most Unpleasant {$nagger}
Weakness {$weakness}
Favorite Music Horror movie soundtracks
mixed with the sounds of
SlamRamming and Carcore
Personality Sad
An unbelievably Dead

Shin Sorrow is a skeleton that cries everyday. Originally from the Frozen Wastelands in the Northern Finlands, he is the mysterious WHAMESCO competitor who appears every five years and beats everyone, only to refuse the belt and disappear again mysteriously. His magnum opus is an autobiographical five-act play in blank verse titled: The Travels of the Skeleton known as Shin Sorrow.

He died during the Fall of the Chapel, but later ascended to the dubstep-producing grubhole in the sky known as Lapekto to shed tears over Hero. There he saw the chapelpeople for the first time in ages, having assumed them dead all this time, but did not recognize them until years later because of the Lapektan culture of cosplaying as apocryphal slam gods, which included changing their names to better immerse themselves in the role. The pivotal moment of realization came when he bumped into Gunlord. Despite having the most deceptive disguise through the use of his shape-shifting powers to intentionally trick Shin Sorrow, he was discovered immediately when he began to mew and rub and wink simultaneously.

In order to be allowed to join their ranks, he was told that he would have to report to Giz and gain his permission for every individual action, including but not limited to: breathing(once for every breath), thinking, writing and talking(once for every character or syllable), slamming, ramming, dodging attacks, and any dodging otherwise. As part of his rigorous training to inculcate himself, during the first three weeks the only word he was allowed to write, say, or think was "GRIMHAZZARD".

Usually, Shin Sorrow is so mega depressed that he jumps off from Lapekto on a regular basis. This recurring event has colloquially become known as The Down of Sorrow.

In truth, there may be innumerable reasons for this. Some have considered the fact that Lapekto is such a harsh, noisy environment that most visitors, stalkers, and draculas are driven out covering their ears and screaming for everyone to just shut up. Other likely possibilities include him just liking the idea of leaving forever and coming back, or possibly his crippling dislike of orange.

"yeah but what if I don't want to be here because it keeps getting orange sometimes
then what do I doooo

-Shin Sorrow on sunsets and his preference for lemon-lime.

Shin Sorrow also had an eccentric taste in music, transcending even the most experimental xylophone jazz, which he thought wasn't harsh enough for what he was trying to do: something MEGA DISSONANT and ULTIMATE-SICKNASTY. When he first leapt from Leapekto, the sound of his bones clattering against rock and black metal in the instance of impact and exploding all over the countryside was the most beautiful thing he had ever heard.