Shoebill is also known as Legend.

The shoebill is a semi-legendary bird, it derives its name from its tremendous, terrifying bill. However, don't let the name fool you, the shoebill is no one to step on. Shoebills are commonly the Lord Protectors of the even rarer Dodo Bord. They house innate qualities of loyalty, strength, and justice, making them the life's worth of any Dodo.

The kill count of one shoebill was rumored to number around several trillion, a record only matched by Nightmare. This shoebil's particular bodyguardee was an infamous Dodo Bord crime lord, and eventually the shoebill's sense of justice coerced it into finally taking action against its Lord (Overlord, more accurately), waging a several hundred years long war against the Dodo Crime Conglomerate, resulting in several decades of peace before the power vacuum installed several Dodo Bord war lords in the deceased Overlord's place.