Sixth Sense Brooch

Sensing the Will to Kill in the instant of an enemy attack, a '!' will appear above the wearer's head. Sixth Sense Brooches were popular among adventurers for a while, but were universally manufactured with a defect that made them warn their wearers not based upon adjacent malicious intent but by mere proximity to something else, such as the ground or atoms. As such, adventurers could be seen backflipping, rolling, and dodging "threats" every waking second of their lives as exclamation marks sprouted above their heads forever. This made for a lot of powerful legs but also, and more pressingly, a lot of painful collisions.

One time, a giant group of adventurers had convened in a forest of northern Finland and all of their brooches went off at the same time. The resulting tragedy has been called the Furious Fatal Flip-Flop. A recall soon occurred once the brooch's manufacturer was made aware of the glitch.

Functional Sixth Sense Brooches have yet to reappear on the market.