Skeleton Mantrap

"The babe with a nice behind had the face of death!"

The Skeleton Mantraps are a devious faction of Ice Giant skeletons that mold together "feminine bodies" out of goblin snot, mud, and tree branches to don. They roam the countryside, sneaking to get in front of lustrous adventurers, shaking their grotesque snot-filled bottoms to imitate archaic mating calls. Human adventurers successfully roused by this become hapless victims when they approach the Skeleton Mantraps. The Mantraps turn to reveal their gargantuan skulls and lob off adventurers' heads with a single bite, all while still cackling. Despite their name, there are reports that a larger variety of humans have been felled by these devious devils including women, babies, and Giz. In most cases, it is not sexual arousal that draws adventurers but the psychological urge in adventurers to back-stab anything in sight.

The Mantrap is actually named after the flesh-eating plant of the same name.