Enigmatic aerial creature that lives in Dracula Holes. It is impossible to capture if one does not know how to slow down or stop time. Humans who have managed to do this have found that holding onto a live skyfish's body engages the Slam Ether, buffs one's muscles up to an indecent degree, and lets one communicate with the Neo Slam Gods. Because of this, the skyfish has earned the nickname "Rod of Muscle Prayer", or, more commonly, "Prayer Rod."

Once a skyfish dies, its ability to be a medium leaves the world's atmosphere as a space-faring spirit. A few riskbreaker scientists are investigating how to trap these dearly departed souls and push them into human bodies. A significant portion of the scientific community is against this research, arguing that skyfish soul integration would make everyone buff up indecently forever and that it would be maximum gross.

Skyfish, on account of "fish" being in their name, were prepared as a meal soon after Time Lords reeled in a cookable amount for world-class chefs. However, customers who ate prepared skyfish reported that the taste was unconscionable, and suggested that the animal be renamed "Skypiss" so that future chefs could avoid the same mistake.