Slam Bomb

A slam bomb is a metal capsule that can fit ten people inside. The ten people are usually chosen because they have exhibit ferocious slamming ability. They are put inside the capsule provided they are willing to sacrifice themselves. This was easily accomplished during the slam ram conflict, as the tribal and sacrificial tendencies were heightened by the religious fervor. There is a mechanism inside of the slam bomb that distills the ten occupants' slams into pure slam energy that explodes once the capsule hits the ground. Thus, while the bomb is being dropped from the air, said ten occupants are slamming as hard as they can to make a most gigantic slam explosion upon impact.

There have been occurrences where people of low slamming ability have been in a slam bomb. This has been speculated to be the consequence of trickery, like a particular Finnish man praising and egging on a man to enlist for a slam bomb deployment. However, this misuse of the bomb was quickly frowned upon, as the bomb would lose much of its slam potential. In some cases the bomb did not even explode upon impact because of the lack of slam needed. The enemy usually imprisoned the slammers and mocked them for their boyish good looks and inability to slam properly. The slammers would then subsequently die of embarrassment, curl up, disallowing their soul to emerge from the body (because the muscles' density from rigor mortis would tighten all gaps from the chest to the outside), creating Slam Jiangshi, a devilish breed of undead whose hops create a 20.00 magnitude earthquake each time they land. Historians say this was pivotal in deciding who was winning the war.

A slam bomb is said to have killed the members of Butch Deadlift, best known for their song, "Slam Ram".

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