Slam Fraud
Slam Fraud
First Appearance {$first}
Title Dark Slam Fraud
Rank Apocryphal Hot Space
Role Nuker
Status Non-Existent
Cause of Death {$death}
Powers {$powers}
Abilities {$abilities}
Grim Synergy Not affected by GRIM
Age Unknown
Country United States of Slam, Dark Matter
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown (estimated to be three universes)
Speed {$speed}
Power Level Ravishingly Ravaging
Blood Type SLAM-A
Family A mother
Marital Status {$martial}
Likes Unknown
Dislikes His non-existence
Treasures His perceived existence
Hobbies Presumably flexing
Favorite Food Unknown
Forte in Sports Wrestling
Fighting Style Slam Wrestling Style
Weapon of Choice {$weapon}
Attacks {$attacks}
Battle Cry {$battlecry}
Win Quote {$swagger}
Most Unpleasant Non-existence
Weakness {$weakness}
Favorite Music Unknown
Personality Rude
An unbelievably Nothing

Slam Fraud is a test of faith.


Slam Fraud's life is shrouded in mystery because most records on his life have been burned by the Grandgod Church. It is known that Slam Fraud attended high school but beyond that and his death, most is uncertain and unknown.

Childhood and High School Years

He was a wrestler and loved by his mom. He had lots of fun with Slam Women, who are known for being able to slam at a tremendous rate of five slams per a billionth a second.


He was declared apocryphal shortly after being inducted into the Neo Slam Gods. Soon after, he was never heard from again as the Grandgod Church burned all records of his existence.

Reverence in Großtodeswald

Because of his tragic life, he is revered in Großtodeswald, a country known for its serious tragedies. When muttering, "I'd rather flex my muscles.", they are referring to how Slam Fraud would try to shrug off his non-existence with the power of muscle.


The practice of worshiping Slam Fraud has been a source of criticism toward Großtodeswald. The Grandgod Church has continually slammed Großtodeswald for being blasphemous toward the Neo Slam Gods who provide for our every needs. Großtodeswalder theologists, however, state that Man must be able to decide for himself what is a Slam God and following an institution with such a disgraced reputation like the Grandgod Church is even more blasphemous to the Neo Slam Gods.

It is of some importance to note that the Senile Snake does not know of Slam Fraud's existence despite Senile Snake's title of The Großtodeswalder.

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