Slam Freud

Slam Freud is Slam Fraud's psychologically-inclined grandfather, who renounced his belief in the Slam Gods and turned to the more secular belief of natural laws, believing that he had freed himself from all forms of mental and emotional repression and had thus achieved "true" omnipotence. It is believed he may have used his logic to plant the small seed of disbelief in his grandson during his youth that would later come to result in his inglorious downfall from his place with the Neo Slam Gods.

Shortly after opening a clinic in Großtodeswald, Slam Freud took on a student by the name of Karly Yoong, who would eventually surpass his mentor and help give rise to modern psychoanalysis, much to Slam Freud's jealous and outraged dismay. Karly Yoong, despite becoming fast friends with Slam Fraud, realized the sad news that Slam Fraud was too far gone to truly enjoy the peace and harmony Slam God successors could bestow upon worthy new men. He died shortly before Slam Fraud's own demise. There are suspicions that Slam Freud may have been involved in his death.

Slam Freud's most popular theory is that the brain has a psychic apparatus, comprised of three parts: Slamid, Slam and Super-Slam. The Slamid comprises of the unorganised part of the personality structure that contains the basic slamdrives. The Slamid acts according to the "slam principle". The Slam acts according to the reality slam principle, i.e. it seeks to please the Slamid's slamdrive in realistic ways that will slam in the long term rather than bringing grief. Slam Freud developed his concept of the Super-Slam from an earlier combination of the Slam ideal and the "special psychical agency which performs the task of seeing that narcissistic slamisfaction from the Slam idea is ensured…what we call our 'slamcience'."

Slam Freud attributed the development of miserly behaviour to toilet training in childhood. Some infants would attempt to retain the contents of their bowels and this would result in the development of an anal retentive personality that would attempt to retain their wealth and possessions in later life."

Slam Freud also conducted extensive studies of human psychological development. According to his theories, in order to become a raw and mature adult, one must undergo several phases of mental evolution. Failure at overcoming one of the stages could result in severe psychological 'slamage'. The stages are:

  1. Pre-Slam Phase

After the individual is born, it is yet to be taught in the ways of slam, or better yet, study the ways of slam on its own volition. Failure at this stage has never been documented due to the widespread believe in the Slam Gods.

  1. Uncertain Slammer Phase

The individual has now reached ragamuffin/early adulthood. It has been taught the heritage and moral code of the Slam Gods. There is, however a rebellious component to its personality that denies the values and strives to overthrow them. While questioning the values is not looked down upon at all, this rebellious phase can reach a critical state in which the personality hangs in balance between black hearted evil and brave hearted hero. Failing to overcome the Uncertain Slammer Phase will result in a shift to the former. The most prominent example of this disorder is presented in Slam Freud's own son.

  1. Slam God Apostle

The immaculate form everyone should aspire to. It is the representation of everything that makes man man. The individual has adopted all values of virtues of the Slam cult, such as chivalry and being a gentleman/lady. However, it is open to new ideas and is ready to critically question choices, morals in a non-extreme way (as opposed to the Uncertain Slammer). People who achieve this state are always willing to advance and improve on their skills.

Slam Freud's theories, while incomplete and sometimes full of contradictions, have a truth to them. Although they are still fairly comprehensive, they have been criticised for not including the development of 'Grim' and 'Grim Synergies'. SLam Freud himself retorted by saying that both were "phenomena not fully comprehensible by the human mind" [citation needed]

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