Slam God backscrubber

The Slam God backscrubber is a backscrubber fashioned by Boogal from the bone of a Dark Slam God.

Legend has it that one day an unspecified Dark Slam God became so enraged with having vestigial bones, that he he grabbed himself by his belt and and performed a back body drop on himself so hard that all seven of the useless bones popped right out of him and fell to the Earth below.

It is unknown how Boogal came upon one of these bones, or even if the story and Boogal's bone claims are true, but the backscrubber itself has scrubbed many unfortunate dirtfolk into nothingness.

Embedded into the bone are bristles so hard that they are capable of scrubbing out dirt at a molecular level as well as being able to eradicate 100% of all germs. When used on anything other than Boogal's perfect clean muscle body, the target has only been painfully scrubbed from existence.