Slam God's Effigy

The Slam God's Effigy is a prehistoric rock with the image of a muscular being topped with a conch's shell. It was first discovered off the coast of Ramastan, and promptly worshiped for a hour before a woman, Binga Bahram, suggested it was just an ordinary rock. The rock was summarily tossed back into the ocean.

Afterwards, Dr. Ramramadram estimated that the rock's age was probably several binglelliums old without having seen the rock in person and tried to fund an expedition to retrieve the rock. She later amassed the funds by selling rocks with her own personal scribblings of the Original Slam Gods. When she retrieved the rock after decades of exploring the harsh forbidden Ramastan Sea, she discovered the rock was actually a rock she had made.

However, upon using protein dating, the rock was still dated as several bingelliums old…

What could have happened so long in the future that such a rock would travel back to its creator?