Slam Poetry

Slam poetry encompasses a style of poetry popular among late-teens and young adults. It became passe around three decades ago. Typically, its subject matter was derived from the rawness of unprivileged urban life. It reinterpreted the Neo Slam Gods and other deities as ethnic minorities who were, in fact, mortals — heroic, yes, but victim to their own relatable failures. Slam poetry was attached to a performative element, and emphasized oral dissemination; the poet would also accompany their reading with postmodern groinal thrusts — thrusts derived from a new subjectivity — that paid respect to meter.

Like so many artistic movements, slam poetry emerged without a name, and was developed in unintended tandem among contemporary poets. It was granted its title by Fab Inkjet, then-head professor of the poetry department at Lord King God University, in his essay, A Violent Passivity and Youth of the 'morrow: Slam Poetry. Slam poetry faded from the scene when poetry was declared dead by all major critics because poetry had officially run out of words to rhyme. This led to the emergence of M=E=G=A poetry, a form not even its practitioners can helpfully explicate. M=E=G=A poetry remains relevant because no one knows how to criticize it.

Exemplary Slam Poetry Poem

Actually Jesus
Can't stop doing huge burps
It's the orange juice