"Slam Ram"

"Slam Ram" is a song that was popular when the Slam vs. Ram conflict was at its most intense phase. It was released by the band Butch Deadlift, and to this day remains easily their most recognized track, making the band something of a One Hit Wonder. The unforgettable lyrics for the chorus are, "Slam like a Ramgod! Ram like a Slamgod!" In subsequent interviews, Butch Deadlift explained that they wanted the song to act as a unifying force for the opposing sides, noting that it was the vital that the lyrics were not, "Slam like a Slamgod! Ram like a Ramgod!", and that the existing interplay between the words signified that neither Slamming or Ramming was intrinsically better than the other, but were performative gestures to which humans assigned subjective meaning.

All of Butch Deadlift's members were tragically killed when a Slam Bomb was dropped on their recording studio as they were having a jam session, preventing them from seeing the peace that was to come in just a year.

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