A half-hour program that is currently the most popular on television. Every episode devotes two-thirds of its time to slapstick routines between the characters of Sonny Slam and Dirk Dark. Most exchanges center on Sonny Slam's insistence on slamming being "the best" and Dirk Dark's denial of this variously delivered assertion. The last third is devoted to reading fans' letters and answering their questions. Sonny Slam and Dirk Dark are respective caricatures of the Neo Slam Gods and Dark Slam Gods. More conservative critics have lambasted the show for "trivializing" the Book of Slams, in addition to pointing out that the Dark Slam Gods did indeed indulge in slamming and that, further, it was of a perverse intent. The majority of critics and viewers, however, have described Slam Shack as brilliant, pointing out that it can be enjoyed by both children and exciting adluts (similar to the timeless masterpiece, Shrek).

Exemplary Script

Sonny Slam (SS): "dirk dark! dirk dark!!!"
Dirk Dark (DD): "sigh ……… what, sonny slam ? "
SS: "today i slammed to the maximum !!!!"
DD: " do not make such preposterous claims … to slam to the maximum you would need to be much stronger than you really are …………. "
SS: "b-but i unlocked the hidden g power dirk dark !!!"
DD: "impossible ! — to think that a person such as you — !!!! "
SS: "hhehhehehheheheheheh "
DD: "i see you were playing a joke! just to get me riled up!!! how dare you!!!"
SS: "do u want 2 bring it on ?"
DD: "i will bring it!!!"
Stay tuned …

Critical Reception

The show has gained followers from all ages, from ragamuffins to raw and mature adluts. As a cultural phenomenon, several phrases were adopted by society in its wake, such as "dark as a Dirk" and "Velocislammin' to the max". TV.IGN editor Mr. Magum PI has called it the "most satisfying, slam-inducing trip you will take, right up there with the next 11 seasons of CHUCK."

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